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Become Partner of Warmteshop

Warmteshop is one of the market leaders in infrared heating systems. We manufactor and supply high-quality infrared panels to the European market at affordable prices.

In order to promote and further expand its global presence, Warmteshop has opened a new European headquarters in Belgium. From this location we will further develop business partnerships in Europe, the US, UK, Middle East and Latin America.

We are actively looking for International Distributors who are; are both willing and able to develop exponential international growth with Warnmteshop.

Ideal candidates have experience in the energy and/or heating market and have an existing base of contacts to collaborate with.

Warmteshop is since 2006 a fast-growing company that can provide a win-win profitability. If you are interested in this unique opportunity to work together with Warmteshop, we would like to make an appointment for an introduction.

Oprichter warmteshop Eugene Verbraak
CEO Warmteshop - Eugene Verbraak

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Why Warmteshop

Our high quality infrared heating stands for robustness, energy-efficient and beautiful designs All infrared panels that Warmteshop  sells on the market comply with the strictest inspection standards, such as European and German TÜV, RoHS, VDE, GS approved.

Warmteshop manufactures in Germany and therefore provides an European guarantee on the proper functioning of its infrared panels. Before we send our products to wholesalers and importers a thorough final inspection takes place. 

Our infrared heaters are made to sustainably heat a home or commercial property for decades without maintenance costs.  Would you like to be a distributor or retail in multiple stores? Be part of a strong Brand? Sell and earn more money? Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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Infrared heaters are the future

Contact us


You can contact us on the international phone number +3251490169. You can submit us an email by the form of send directly to info@warmteshop.be.

Warmteshop Belgium

Kruisboommolenstraat 9a
8800 Roeselare – België

Phone number: +3251490169.
Email address: info@warmteshop.be

Infrared Products

Warmteshop infrared products are of high quality and we are the market leader in infrared heating in the Belgium and The Netherlands. Our products receive the highest appreciation among consumers and sellers.

The energy transition from gas to electric heating means that our sales are on an upward trend. An increasing number of wholesalers and chain stores are selling our products. Everyone is switching over to electric heating and Warmteshop infrared heating is the solution. Buy our infrared products now and start selling products profitably.

We offer a good technical service and excellent customer service. If you are selling Warmteshop  products, you will have the full support of our team. Together we provide good numbers, where win-win profitability leads to satisfaction.

We as manufacturer and distributor stands for its products and provide the highest service to our clients.

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