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Warmteshop Infrared heaters

Welcome to The Warmteshop. With us you are assured of energy-efficient and high-quality infrared panels that heat your home without CO2 emissions. Also patio outdoor heaters,  infrared heating for companies. Our electric heaters can be installed on the wall and ceiling.

Warmteshop is a retail, wholesale and producer of infrared heating. This kind of heating guarantees economical and pleasant heat,  that can best be compared with the healthy radiation of the sun. You only want to buy the best heating panels with the higest safety. Infrared panels can be mounted on the wall and on the ceiling. We also have mobile heating heaters and powerful heaters for industrial purpose. The infrared panels are available in all kinds of designs and strengths. We have the largest stock of heating panels of Europe. 

With more than 30 branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Warmteshop is by far the largest heating specialist in the Benelux. You can purchase our infrared panels through our agents, stores or through our extensive dealer network. 

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Infrared heater chalkboard

Glass Infrared heaters

Infrared glass panels for walls and ceilings. Can be delivered in all colours. Our infrared panels glass are among the best-selling infrared heating.


Metal infrared heaters

Infrared heater made of metal for the wall and ceiling. Available in all colours. The infrared panels metal are strong and provide excellent infrared heat.


Mirror with heater

Mirror heated by infrared heating. Available in all sizes. The infrared panels with mirror are runners in stores. Mirror heaters are a real must have.


Heater poster

Heater poster, also known as infrared heater picture is popular among consumers. Supplied in all sizes and panels are printed with customer choice.



Towel dryer infrared heater, also known as towel heater, is the best of its kind in terms of design and durability. German made which is reliable and long lasting.


Infrared heating chalkboard

Infrared heating chalkboard , the black infrared panel of glass on which you can write with chalk. Chalkboard heaters are one of the best-selling kitchen products.


Infrared panel color

Infrared panel color. Customers can choose any color they want. A colored infrared panel fits in every household and business building.

Led heating

Led heating for the bathroom, ceiling, hall and bedroom. The infrared panel with LED light strip.

patio heater

Patio heater

Patio heater everyone can enjoy a warm patio during the cold days. Warmteshop has developed different outdoor heating.

Become an International Partner

We are expending the brand Warmetshop. We want to develop business partnerships trough the world and we are actively looking for International Distributors. Are you becoming our new international partner? Feel free to call or submit a request to make an appointment.